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We care about the Earth.


Hushoffice is compliant with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.


Hushoffice acoustic pods are packed and delivered in light cardboard boxes, which are recycling-friendly. No metal staples are used in the cardboard boxes, making them easy to segregate.


Hushoffice also cooperate with environmentally responsible providers for the components. All wooden components used in Hushoffice acoustic pods have Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to ISO 14025 and are marked with FSC certificate.


Hushoffice products use paper baling equipment – it allows us to pack wastepaper in a way that allows to recycle it in the future. 



Sektor, the AU Distributor for Hushoffice acoustic pods has a pod end-of-life take-back programme to minimise its environmental impact. Sektor has in-house disassembly and recycling capabilities, to offer a genuine whole of life service. We also have a refurbishment programme to give a second life to your pods.

Our take-back program allows us to take back and fully disassemble your acoustic pod at the end of its product life. We will re-use or recycle individual components and recycle or dispose of components correctly. The take-back program is priced at $300-$800 per pod depending on the size of the pod.

Our take-back program optimises our ability to provide our customers with the best in class ergonomics and sustainability while minimising waste.




Our supplier Mikomax has operated for many years in compliance with the ISO 9001 management system standard.


Hushoffice acoustic products are delivered with the CE marking to prove compliance with the requirements for EC Declarations of Conformity. Hushoffice meeting pods and booths are manufactured in Mikomax Smart Office ISO 9001 and 14001 certified production facility in Poland, using all premium wood products that are tested, certified and labelled to meet TSCA Title VI or CARB Phase II standards regarding formaldehyde emission.


We use only safety glass in our pods. The door glass is tempered and laminated. The rest of glass panels is laminated.


For wooden components, we use laminates impregnated with melamine resin with a sealed surface. They are easy to clean, they can be disinfected very well, and they also have antibacterial properties pertaining to ISO 22196.




Hushoffice products may feature flame-retardant materials, including textiles, upholstery infill padding, outer panels and carpet liners. Carcass fire behaviour category EN 13501-1, D-s1,d0. The Wool fabric used in Hushoffice products is compliant with CAL 117, ASTM E84, BS 5852-0 and BS-EN 1021-1.

Mikomax can provide products with BS 5852 compliant non-flammable foam.


The non-flammability of carpet liners is certified per EN 1307:2014 and EN 14041:2008-05.


When applicable, Hushoffice Pods can be equipped with sprinkler preparation and an anti-seismic anchorage system.




We are committed to providing superior products and services, whilst minimising adverse impacts to the environment. We care about the environment and not only recognise but appreciate that our operations may have an impact on the environment locally and ultimately globally.


We believe it is our obligation to consider all aspects of our products’ impact on the environment, throughout their lifecycle: from raw material selection, right through to sustainable production methods as well as the reduction of waste and prevention of pollution in all aspects of our business.

We will comply with relevant environmental legislations, regulations, and other requirements to which we subscribe. Our commitment to the environment is also reflected in our stated aim to achieve the best environmental ratings outcome possible, for our entire product range. A copy of the Quality & Environmental policy is available on request.


When you choose Hushoffice acoustic pods, you also choose to be kind to the environment.
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