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Sustainable and Quality Telehealth Enabled by Hushpods

A well-designed telehealth workspace solution is an essential investment for any healthcare business looking to deliver quality remote consultations in an easy, efficient and effective manner.


Our Hushoffice range of specialised pods can assist with improved consultation outcomes.


Hushpods’ great acoustics offer privacy and improved experience for both clinician and patient; and video call systems can be easily set up with the built-in technology ports.


The pods’ small footprint means every inch of available space would be well utilised. They can be easily assembled in a few short hours, without the need for building permits or a redesign of the entire floor space.

Community telehealth pod placements make more accessible appointments possible for patients in rural regions, while expanding care for the less digitally connected. Booths can also be relocated to meet the changing needs of communities.

For The Healthcare Worker

A well-designed telehealth workspace solution is an essential investment for any healthcare business looking to deliver quality remote consultations.


For The Patient

Telehealth pods makes it easier for patients to get to appointments, reach more of the less digitally connected patients and are flexible to meet the needs of the community.


Shaping The Future

By improving accessibility and patient experience, telehealth pods can go a long way in making a positive impact on how care is delivered in the future.


Efficient Ventilation

Ensuring the safety of office space use is essential. Pathogenic microorganisms
develop on the top of desks and other surfaces frequently touched by employees and people visiting the office, which increases the risk of transmission of disease. Transmission of viruses and other microbes occurs between people by direct or indirect contact with an infected person.

Effective ventilation affects both the well-being and efficiency of activities, as well as the maximisation of safety of booth use. The fast exchange of air ensures the safety and comfort of use. The replaced air is fresh and free from contamination.

Download the brochure for more details about Hushpod features that help mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria:

Anti-viral Coating

All surfaces in Hushpod booths that are often touched have been coated with a thin nano-photocatalyst coating that counteracts the development of viruses and microbes.

Under the influence of light, both natural and artificial, the coating acquires disinfecting properties.

This disinfecting process is continuous and lasts no less than 12 months from the moment the coating is applied.


Are you a healthcare provider?

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